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Solicitation of Donations

While Sharing Jesus in Asia may request donations by word of mouth and personal contacts, medium or large-scale solicitation of donations will not take place.

Distribution to Other Organizations and Individuals

It is our goal to financially assist and support missionaries, churches, and organizations to preach the good news all over the world.

The officers have sole discretion as to which missionaries, churches, and organizations receive gifts and grants.

Sharing Jesus in Asia may exercise its right under law to contribute to non-501(c)(3) organizations only on the condition that Sharing Jesus in Asia retains control over the use of the funds and maintaining records showing that the funds are used for exclusively charitable purposes in accordance with our mission.

Foreign Activities

Foreign contributions will include assistance given to missionaries, churches, and organizations outside of the United States, which have been selected by the officers after conducting due diligence and a thorough investigation. The process of selection is in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning our exempt status such as collecting information (i.e. physical address, phone number, mailing address, website, relationships with other organizations, financial standing which includes past and present, and governance).


The officers have the power to pay expenses as set out in the corporation’s bylaws in accordance to the corporation’s purpose. The officers serve on a volunteer basis. It is expected that the corporation will have no employees and will have only the following expenses: bank fees, internet web site fees, licensing and filing fees, and accounting fees.

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